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The times are urgent, let us slow down.

- Bayo Akomolafe

This quote has been working its way through me. 


When I look out at the world right now it is on fire, and I see disaster and brilliance. And I hear the deep truth that we can't do anything about either unless we slow ourselves, and in so doing find a way to both distance and share.

The SLOWDOWN is a place to keep some of the precious things we are learning as we go. It is more intimate than social media and more shared than a journal.  There are no memes, no graphs, no articles.  Only us, and what we decide to become for each other. 

Thank you for your part.

- Lauren

basic functions


Complete the member form and an admin will approve you.


Log in and start a profile (picture not required) so that you appear on the members page. 


This is a site for writing in any format - short, long form, with pictures, or just a question or two. It uses a blog platform, with all members given posting permission. The author chooses the category/theme and cover photo in the post settings. If a category is not chosen, the post will appear in "all posts" only.  It may take some trial and error, but you can do it.


Logged in members can comment on posts. Don't make me turn this off, friends.


Members can individual or group chat when logged in - this works pretty much like any other messenger.  If and how you use this tool is up to you. 


Depending on interest, we can maintain a discussion forum around the themes. I've partially set it up, and we'll see where it goes.

some gentle reminders

This is not a professional endeavor - it is me sitting in my favorite chair with a couple of my friends on text message standby.  I will do my best to manage the technical glitches that will arise, and to be as responsive as possible to messages while still feeling good about this whole enterprise. For some there will be a little bit of a tech learning curve with posting, and we will try work through that. We've got...time.

Membership is required to write posts, to comment, to do group chat, and to use the forum (still under consideration).  Posts will be visible to the public unless we collectively decide otherwise. Anyone can join - this is not a closed community - but the spirit of the effort is to write, reflect, and support each other.  Invite folks who care about these things. Community guidelines are under construction, and I guess we will just have to trust each other in the meantime.

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