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Getting started

Ok, I'm here, what am I supposed to do?

Well, whatever you want. Read a little, think a little, comment on a post that interests you, send a message to another member, write a reflection. It's ok if it takes you a while to get going, start with what you're attracted to and write as you're ready.  The idea is that we're making this together, and your voice is important however you choose to use it. That said, please don't feel like you have to have everything figured out before you let us hear from you!  The point here is ongoing reflection as we go through this time, not knowing all the answers.

How do I access my profile and the member area?

Once you've joined, you will need to log in with your email and password to see your profile, comment on other posts, write your own post, and see the other members' profiles. You can see your profile (please add a picture!) by clicking on it from the Members page, or by clicking on your picture in the upper right corner of the site.  You can see all your activity (posts, drafts, comments, etc.) on your profile page.  You can also send messages to other members from the Member page.

How do I start a post?

Once logged in, you can start writing post from the SLOWDOWN collection page or from your profile under "blog posts" or "my drafts." Tip: in order to save a draft, you have to have some content in the subject line and the body (an image works).  

How do I select a category/theme for my post?

When you're writing your post, you can choose a category from the post settings menu (cog at the top) or from the bottom (click the three dots next to the publish button).

How do I turn email notifications on or off?

Do you want to get, or make sure you don't get, notifications from the SLOWDOWN?  From your profile page, go to Settings. From here you can subscribe to the blog (get email notifications about new posts), as well as turn on or off notifications for your liked posts and comments.

Have more questions? Send Lauren a message in chat or email her here.
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