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Thank You Rabbi

So, Holy Week looms for Christians. I work in a seminary. All are aflutter with- what will be DO for this time? How will we do EASTER? The president (USA) wants the churches filled, or maybe not, depending on the day and tweet. How to do Easter? Can we do without palms and trumpets and hosannahs and churches filled with folks we haven't seen since last year, fancy hats and kids and all that?

In a class many years ago my favorite Rabbi told us, if every temple closed and every synagogue was gone the Jewish faith would still go on, as the most important ceremonies of the faith take place in homes. It will not die because there will always be Shabbat candles being lit in some home. Passover will be celebrated in homes, maybe with two or twenty or more. His faith has always been practiced "under the radar"and without fanfare.

I have to think that our brand new baby religion might learn some patience and perseverance and FAITH from our close cousin. Holy Week might have more meaning. Easter might relax into a moment of lying on the grass and looking up and thinking resurrection can be quiet, can be slow, can sink in deeper and be more than all that noise.

Easter will come, it will be celebrated in homes this year. I'll be thinking of my friends, Jews like Jesus that have been celebrating for much longer, and know that g/d is with us all, all the time. The promise of presence is for all and for all time. I find comfort in this new shared experience with another faith. I know I will learn and experience something new this year. Shabbat Shalom, alleluia, amen.

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