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We shake with joy

We shake with joy, we shake with grief.

What a time they have, these two

housed as they are in the same body.

- Mary Oliver

I had to cancel a trip to Paris with my oldest friends. Grief.

I have friends who will spend time and money to travel together. Joy.

My dad doesn't always know who I am. Grief.

My dad called me "doll" last week, something I haven't heard in a long time. Joy.

Many folks in my community are jobless and worried right now. Grief.

Our community is finding new ways to love and support one another. Joy.

I will eat meals alone for the foreseeable future. Grief.

I have time and resources to try new recipes and enjoy the process of cooking. Joy.

Grief was with me long before this slowdown. Joy as well. I still don't know how the two fit together, exactly. But I don't need to know, at least not right now.

1 comment

1 Comment

Laurie Creach
Laurie Creach
Mar 24, 2020

Thank you for sharing. I had to cancel a trip to see my best friend in Seattle. I’ve learned (probably temporarily) not to put off the things that will bring me great joy.

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